May 21, 2017


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Understanding Diabetes

​Diabetes is a disorder in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin is impaired, resulting in abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood. This can happen either Pancreas not able to produce sufficient insulin or body cells resistance to insulin. 

Diabetes is a condition Where the Fasting Blood Sugar level​ (F.B.S) is more than 70-100 mg/dl and Postprandial Blood Sugar level (P.P.B.S) is more than 140 mg/dl for a prolonged period. 

Diabetes Complications

Diabetes by itself is not fatal,
but the complications arising due to high blood sugar level in diabetes are

Column 1

High sugar levels in the body causes damage to Nerves, blood cells, tissues etc. Due to this, the vital organs such as Nerves, Kidneys, Heart and eyes get damaged. 

As per the statistics,
70% of the people with diabetes have Ophthalmic problems.
45% of the people who suffer Kidney problems are diabetics.
45% of the people with diabetes have Neurological problems.
60% of the people with diabetes have cardiac problems.​

Why Diamedica

Diamedica is a proprietery 100% Herbal medicine with 36 ayurvedic ingredients Which not only helps control blood sugar levels in the body, but also gives overall protection to the body organs and helps a diabetic lead a normal life. 

Its easy dosage helps people not to miss a dosage. One tablet in the morning empty stomach and one in the night after dinner​

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​Know the Ingredients 


contains an amino acid called 4-hydroxyisoleuine, which increases the production of insulin and chemicals that slow down the time that food takes to through the intestinal tract


Linked to enhanceing the function of hepatoprotective activity. it is also useful to remove urinary stone . it is highly effective in preventing fibrous changes and promotes regeneration to the liver against CCI4 induced hepato toxicity.​

Column 3

Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

Why Diamedica

Why should every Diabetic depend on Diamedica

Protect yourself from diabetes Complications

High blood sugar causes irreversible damage to EYES, NERVES, KIDNEYS, HEART AND BRAIN.
DiaMedica tablet, an anti-diabetes ayurvedic medicine is a formulation of 36 herbs helps insulate the above vital organs and also helps to revitalize, rejuvenate the pancreas and also liver. Herbal Anti Diabetic Diamedica Tablets being natural, is involved in restoring physiological normalcy of our vital organs


Diabetes Nephropathy

60% Diabetics suffer from nerve related complications.


Diabetes Neuropathy

60% of Diabetics suffer from Nerve related complications


Diabetic Retinopathy

70% of people have problems relating to eyes


Diabetic Angiopathy

Most of the people with Diabetes suffer from heart related problems.

Diabetes Mellitus is a condition in the body where there is higher glucose level in the blood for a prolonged term. The blood sugar level is measured in terms of mg/dl. When the blood sugar level is more than 100 mg/dl when a person is on fast for more than 8 hours and above 140 mg/dl after 2 hours of food intake, that person is considered to be a Diabetic.

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